Monday 7 January 2013

Last minute vacation to Singapore and Batam


Trip kali ni pegi dgn family and mother in law. Trip to Singapore and Batam. Seriously Batam is a not a place i dream to go. Not even in a list. Ni pun sebab request dr my mom and MIL. So tape, this time melayan diorg as long as diorg rase happy. The funny part about this trip kan, my siblings, parents and MIL mmg tukar duit Indonesia byk sgt. Except me and hubby, we all just tukar duit for car rent and makan je. Whe already expected how Batam look like. Tp semua org sgt cute tukar duit yg sgt byk tu.  Absolutely they all thought of shopping like Jakarta or Bandung. To ensure everybody is enjoyed the trip, we round all over Batam sampai rase nak termuntah. Hehe...Nothing to appreciate. Nothing to like and love. Tp satu yg i suke.. Ade Dian Pelangi ok. Masa pusing-pusing mencari jalan keluar, my hubby yg perasan the Dian Pelangi Shop. The price is confirmed lesser than Malaysia outlet at Damansara.



Then the next day, we had extended the trip to World Largest Aquarium at Singapore. Basically it was located at Sentosa Island. Planned jalan bukan untuk diri sendiri, tp kali ni bwk si comel Eryna Marissa belajar type of ikan..Alhamdulilah she like and gave her full attention. She can be static just for a few minutes je, then terlompat2 tgk ikan. Oh lupa, masa ni my mom and my MIL tak follow..Reason my mom sbb dia penat. Dia suke lebey ke Gelang. Tp reason my mother in-law is sbb dia sgt takut nak naik escalator...haish Ma, tape next time kite gi tempat lain ok. 




At the night, sessi membawa and meng-happykan mommy, abah and MIL. Abah ok la, dia setiap kali dtg Singapore ramai sgt kwn. Kwn yg melekat je dgn dia. So lets enjoy viewing the pictures..



 Cikgu Fatimah with Eryna Marissa

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