Monday, 17 September 2012

PETRONAS and Department Hari raya Celebration

Two difference days with one celebration intend, which was the eid' Mubarak. The 1st celebration was arranged by Petronas Refinery and followed by my department, Project Engineering Services (PESD).  The invitation was extend to staff, contractor and general workers. During those two days, the baju raya is a compulsory costume for everyone to wear either you were muslim or non-muslim and coverall was not encouraged. In addition to that, the crude also processed and blended very well to its texture to show how they are enjoyed celebrating the Eid Mubarak as well. It was a happy day for everyone to remember. Enjoy the pictures.

 Weeee!! We are a happy family :P

We are the champion and we are the champion..hehe. 
From left Farizuan, Ehsan, Naguib, Trainee (sorry lupe nama awak) and myself. 

Go go go PESD cheerleaders!!

Our lovely house.Eh, construction ahead of schedule ye.

Stay focus ! Tazkirah tentang Kemenangan di bulan Syawal. Interesting topic untuk simpan di dalam ingatan.
Makan Pagi + Lunch + Dinner

Our main dishes : Laksa, Meehun sup,Sate, Cendol, Nasi Lemak and many more. We did enjoyed the food pretty much. Syukur dgn nikmat rezeki yg ALLAH beri.

Monday, 10 September 2012

On 10th of the month..what i do?

10th September 2012..was a happy and pleasuring day for me..the over-happy hormone comes on every 10th of every month where i would spend half of the money either to myself or my family for our necessity. Another half of the money is going to Eryna Marissa and myself saving account. Abah simpan duit sendiri ye..hehe..The maximizing concept is always remind us to keep more and more in our bank account. Eventhough, i am a big spender in expensive things, but i am also a  discipline mommy and wifey to any commitment that i engaged. 

For this time around, the investment goes to me..yeay!! Why should i say it is an investment?  It is because i spent the reward bonus in beauty. Look good, confident, pretty and hot always a dream for every women. I knew it gurls..we have such a same dream and cherished desire. Make it lively and happened please..!! Don't put your limit on things that  you want.

This is not about I am not afford to pay all the luxuries using my salary. It is about satisfaction and happiness. Pay anything you want with the side income bonus!! You do not need to work 8 hour sitting in front of the PC, meeting with peoples, crack your mind to resolve hassle and facing a bossy bosses. Enjoy the pictures...

Stock up the the needs. SK II is always a choice. Expensive but worth buying.

Reaching 30's make me be more vigilant in applying skin solution. Choose the right basic.

My Lil' Princess Eryna Marissa always be patient accompanied bonda. Hoping that we are sharing the same interest and hobby, sayang! i love u love u love u and love u.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Premium Beautiful Business is not a hindrance to your main job. Proven!!


My entry for today, 5th September 2012 is about why i choose the Premium Beautiful business as my second job. Me, as a fulltime Civil Engineer working in oil&gas company, only think about design, books, journals and detail calculation in my daily dairy. Boring kan? indeed i like the job very-very much. So, everyday balik lewat dr kerja itu adalah menjadi perkara normal dlm routine hidup saya. 

In my work organization, there are performance indicator setting to everyone  to measure everyone work quality. Jd, kalo bagus kerja, bagus jugak la evaluation nya. Tp i never  and ever think of being one of best performer in my job. Sbb before ni keja just about minat and i knew that i will get fixed monthly salary. Apatah lg pikir psl salary increment, performer reward and naik pangkat. Tp ALLAH itu selalu mahal Adil kan? Dia tak akan beri sesuatu yg bukan milik kita. He is the best evaluator to evaluate your niat and your sincerity to anything that you do. The effort was rewarded by ALLAH by giving me the top performer ranking amongst other 20 engineers in varies discipline. Syukur alhamdulilah. With that, semua yang saya tak penah impikan adalah menjadi rezeki kami sekeluarga. And the success always followed by Dua' and Tawakal.

I just echo my Ex-boss remark: I always believe that the end result produced by you must be the excellence one. Thus, you deserve to have the best acknowledgement.

Yearly the reward is always be mine. SYUKUR ALHAMDULILAH. Remind myself for do not stop the hard work, sincerity and good deeds to people. The truth is, behind of the success, i'll do the side job  as my second job. It is a  PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL  business. Its proven that, siapa kata kalo buat side job menganggu core job kita sebagai seorang engineer,  ibu dan isteri. It is about yourself and your confident. The main activity selama saya join PB business ni adalah, online dgn Galaxy tab tak kisah la di mana-mana pun. As a conclusion, core job + side job = generating triple fixed income as a total.

Personal touch up with business partners via facebook. No outstation,  frequent meeting, bad smell and busy day!!

Kenapa saya tulis entry ni sbb saya selalu mendengar alasan kawan-kawan yang sama. Busy nak jaga anak and suami-suami tak percaya boley berjaya dgn business ni-kerja kat office berlambak-tak percaya pd diri sendiri-malu-sy seorg pendiam.Mcm-macam lg.. Jd, STOP giving excuses. JOM start the business and be like me..why like me? Because i am getting more extra money  than my monthly salary. The 5 solid figures  monthly..

Want to know more. Call me at 012-2741479 (Mazlinda Abu Bakar)
Authorized Premium Beautiful Agent

Don't miss the boat, u will disappointed later!!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Shopping spree for Raya

These was happened on August 2012 which was during Fasting time at The Curve Damansara. We did like shopping and shopping whenever we go, especially bonda and eryna marissa. Tp masa ni, just pikir nak membeli baju raya for my lil' princess eryna marissa. We drove from Shah Alam (from my brother house) heading towards Damansara together with brother and sisters. Even we knew that, jam mesti teruk gila and panas, but the excitement made us forgot about all that.  It took about 45minutes for us to park our cars. Damm!! i was so impatience and non stop nagging to my husband because he was so kind giving empty parking to others. Please bi, jgn la baik sgt bile org dah tak sabar nak shopping ni. Lucky it was him..hehe..just diam and just like ok..we parked nearest to the lift to ease us. Yeay!! Kiteorg pun mulakan misi mencari baju eryna marissa. Started with Polo Kids..Poney,  and seterusnya to another boutiques such as Baby Gaps and Guess.. Tp sygnye we did not captured any photos of baju-baju yg marissa beli. We spent about RM 1500K for 5 psg baju eryna marissa..its her rezeki.

The best part about shopping kali ni ialah both abah and bonda tak perlu spent duit gaji kami. We did spent the PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL BONUS for eryna marissa needs. Overall, it was so exciting and happy day. The remaining bonus is more than enuff to spend to both of us, parents, ibu-ibu tunggal and maximize our saving. As a conclusion, with our own salary + PB bonus, we can do a lot. and a lot!!..

Checked in from one boutique to another boutiques


Both of us enjoyed!! thanks abah for the treat.. we love u till the end, insyallah.