Monday, 17 September 2012

PETRONAS and Department Hari raya Celebration

Two difference days with one celebration intend, which was the eid' Mubarak. The 1st celebration was arranged by Petronas Refinery and followed by my department, Project Engineering Services (PESD).  The invitation was extend to staff, contractor and general workers. During those two days, the baju raya is a compulsory costume for everyone to wear either you were muslim or non-muslim and coverall was not encouraged. In addition to that, the crude also processed and blended very well to its texture to show how they are enjoyed celebrating the Eid Mubarak as well. It was a happy day for everyone to remember. Enjoy the pictures.

 Weeee!! We are a happy family :P

We are the champion and we are the champion..hehe. 
From left Farizuan, Ehsan, Naguib, Trainee (sorry lupe nama awak) and myself. 

Go go go PESD cheerleaders!!

Our lovely house.Eh, construction ahead of schedule ye.

Stay focus ! Tazkirah tentang Kemenangan di bulan Syawal. Interesting topic untuk simpan di dalam ingatan.
Makan Pagi + Lunch + Dinner

Our main dishes : Laksa, Meehun sup,Sate, Cendol, Nasi Lemak and many more. We did enjoyed the food pretty much. Syukur dgn nikmat rezeki yg ALLAH beri.

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